Thursday, February 14, 2013


On March 23rd, I will be participating in another group show at the Copro Gallery, called Futurology. I'm VERY excited about the theme as 90% of my work deals with ideas and thoughts about the future.

Copro Press Release on Futurology link here.

Thus, I've been listening to lots of NPR, AM news stations, and watching documentaries about Globalization, Neoliberalism, our corrupt MONETARY SYSTEM and other government conspiracy type shows lately...I have to say, we live in a f%$#ed up world. Did you know, that the United states represents just 3% of the worlds population and we use 25% of the Earth's resources? If the rest of the would used up that many resources we would need 2 planets. At one point I had to stop watching/listening, because I was literally scaring the shit out of myself. If even a quarter of what I learned about is true, something HAS to be done. We, as a species are heading in some BAD directions. I want my children to live in a would where they don't have to rely on a government that monitors it's citizens using drone planes. I want them to live in a "Resource Based Economy" where their is no monitory system of debt slavery.

My concept design for my new assemblage sculpture.

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