Monday, July 17, 2006


I started this sculpture by cannibalizing another sculpture. Ascars is a soldier created to serve Syferous. I took a bad casting of Syferous and made some adjustments with my ban saw and dremel; then I mounted the remains onto a steel pipe about 8-inches off a 1 foot circular base. In this photo, the white parts are what I took from Syferous. The brown clay is a mixture of Super Sculpy and Fimo clay. This was only the beginning!

The creation of Ascaras

I've always loved the look and movement of insects, spiders, and crustaceans. They are so alien to us 2-legged Homo sapiens. These creatures are the true biological machines of our planet, and I guess that is what inspired me to make Ascaras. About 6-months ago I sketched this four-legged Biomechanical creature. Most of the sculptures I do are sketched out several different times. Although, sometimes I don't sketch at all, because I can already see it in my head. This particular sketch was more like a study of a multi-limbed being. I tried to keep it simple so I could elaborate as I sculpted. I wanted to make sure I had clear direction on the head, which would be underneath a helmet that split down the center; so I sketched it separately, with a little more detail after seeing some creepy pictures of Lamp Rays. Overall this sketch gave me just enough detail to work from, so I started the sculpture.

Sunday, July 16, 2006


Well, here goes my very first post. I'm starting this blog to show some of my work and techniques in sculpting, design, and film.