Monday, September 26, 2011

Here they come.....

When I was about 7 or 8 years old, I slept next to a window which overlooked my backyard. My bed was literally butted up against it. I could sit up anytime at night and look out into the blackness of my backyard. Like any kid, my imagination used to run wild and one of my greatest fears at that age was to wake up and find something horrid staring at me through my bedroom window. I can't tell you how many nights I spent sweating under those covers. The funny thing is, later, around the ages or 15 or 16, that same window I slept next to became a gateway to freedom at night when I'd sneak out to do stupid things with my friends. Once, I recall terrorizing some poor girls slumber party with my friends by peering into their window wearing a Halloween mask. Somehow, becoming that horrid starring thing that used to drive me under the covers, got rid of my fear.

I've been wanting make something that represents that child hood fear for a long time. Especially since I have lived on both sides of that window.  I call it, "Here They Come". This 20" x 24" x 7", has a six pane glass window suspended above 30 different zombified faces sculpted over the past few years here and there. Several of the smaller ones are original sculpts to fill in around the larger castings.  The hands were given to me courtesy my friend and colleague David Lea from a project that never saw the light of day for the company of which we are both employed. I wanted it to look as old and stark as possible, not to mention "Night of the Living Dead" contributed to those fears back then. Thus, black and white was the way to go for painting. It was a blast to make and I hope it creeps you out a little, especially if you sleep next to a window. Happy Halloween!!!

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